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Number Recognition for Kindergartners

Number Recognition Printables
  • Large Scale Numbers 0-9 one per page. PDF
Number Recognition Exercises

  • Exercise #1: 
    • Use large lined paper...have students write numbers 0-9.
  • Exercise #2: 
    • Making it fun.  Use construction paper and pre-draw a single number such as 1 have your child cut out the number with a set of plastic scissors.  Teaches visual recognition of numbers and improves eye hand coordination.
  • Exercise #3: 
    • Making it natural.  Using the numbers that you cut out have your child be a "7" the day.  Make this a habit.  Each week they are a different number.  This will get them through "0-9" 5 times in a year.
  • Exercise #4: 
    • Play a game.  As you are driving, walking, or even watching television have your child recognize the number throughout the day.  It is important at this stage that you focus on recognition.
  • Exercise #5: 
    • Begin writing.  Writing at this age can be rewarding or frustrating for a child.  Remember that not all children develop "eye-hand" coordination at the same rate.  DON'T push them if they are having difficulty handling a pencil, pen, or crayon.  My first daughter had trouble and we purchased her a V.Smile video game system.  She was allowed to play as much as she wanted on the weekends.  Her hand strength and "eye-hand" coordination showed significant improvement in about 6 weeks. Winnie-the-Pooh was her favorite and I liked it because it helped with counting and especially number recognition
    • Repeat.  Change the number every week.  Play recognition games.  Begin writing (10 minutes a day maximum). 

Remember!!  Kids should have fun.  This is fun!!  Don't make learning a chore...and these are only recognition and NOT concept exercises for teaching Kindergarten math.


This FREE Kindergarten Math Lesson Plan is brought to you by "the Lewis method" and BTRware

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